Davide Nicolini
Architect and humanitarian affairs expert. Past INGOs, ICRC, UNHCR and UNICEF.
Joanne Coysh
Specialist in participatory and practice-based research, planning and learning.
Ivana Nady
Architect and urban planner past ICRC and UNHCR Ivana has 10 years of experience in delivering humanitarian responses within the context of conflict and natural disasters.
Giorgio Amadei
Architect and urban planner, as former UNHCR Senior Officer Giorgio led shelter and settlement interventions in the most complex humanitarian operations worldwide.
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Riccardo Di Clemente
Physicist and complexity scientist Riccardo works to infer socio-economic behavior from our digital fingerprint.
Davide Cucci
Computer engineer expert in navigation, drones, mapping and robotics. PhD at Polytechnic of Milan and postdoc at EPFL.
Emanuele Strano
Urban planning, urban science, complex networks. He holds a PhD in Env.Eng. at EPLF and a postdoc at MIT.
Mattia Marconcini
Mattia is Earth-Observation engineer and a world leader scientist in urban remote sensing. He published more that 100 papers on this topic in top ranking journals.
Thomas Esch
Thomas is geographer and a world-leader scientist in urban remote sensing. He is head of the "Smart Cities and Spatial Development" team at the German Aerospace Center - DLR.
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Adrian Albert
Adrian is a computer scientist expert in Machine Learning for environmental science applications, he holds a PhD at Stanford and a postdoc at MIT.
Filippo Simini
Filippo is a physicist and world-leader expert in human mobility analysis and its applications. His papers appear in journal such as Nature and PNAS.
Fabio Cian
Fabio, a Space Engineer specialized in EO with a PhD in management of climate change, works on disaster impact assessment for the WB. He worked for ESA, DLR and Columbia University.
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Noel Gorelick
Noel is a software engineer @ Google, author of Google Moon, google Mars and Co-Founder of Google Earth Engine.
Michael Batty
Michael Batty is Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London where he is Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA).
Stéphane Guerrier
Stéphane is an assistant professor of Statistics and Data Science at the University of Geneva. In 2018, he received the SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship in Mathematics.
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